TSA – Tire Section Analyzer

TSA - Tire Section Analyzer

Non contact cross section measurement

The solution for tire and car manufacturers to ensure product quality.
Reproducable, digital and tracable results.
A compact measurement system with multiple dimensioning functions and a
high focus range. Calibration is simple. Maximize your efficiency.

Production, quality- and R&D- departments of tire manufacturers,
looking for an efficient way to observe and document
production quality or working on new tire designs. (optional table) 

The cut tire section will be placed with its front side onto the scanner glass of the scanning unit.
After closing the measurement cabin, the line sensor of the flatbed scanner is traversing across the measurement range and scanning the 2D contour of the tire cut. The resulting image of the cut can now be dimensioned and stored digitally.

  • Scanning size: A3 ca. 12“ x17“ / 300x430mm
  • Resolution selectable by user 400 dpi - 1200 dpi
  • Illumination adapted to low light reflection of black rubber
  • Tire cut holder (optional - to hold the section in a defined way)
  • Dimensioning
  • Distance: Point-to-Point & Point-to-Line
  • Angle: Between two lines
  • Area: Rectangle & Freeform (Polygon)
  • Curve Distance through user defined points

  • Multiple measurements with export
    to ASCII tabel for Excel
  • Image editor to enter specific graphic symbols and text
    into image
  • Measurement between positions in different zooming
  • Numeric table of measured values
  • Calibration
  • Pre-Scan (selectable region of interest)
  • Recipe files management (Recipe number, tire model, control
    sequence, reference point, reference axis)
  • Scan completed after 30 sec up to 190 sec
    (depending on resolution and size)
  • Support for finding different material
    border lines
  • Measurement in true mm (not only in pixel)
  • Legend display
  • Pixel zoom
  • Print-out possibility
  • Image display
  • Filter functions