Tire Manufacturer

Basic technologies, intelligent manufacturing and modern data analysis are the focus of the tire industry. Industry 4.0 requires networked and data-rich solutions throughout the entire production process. From the development of intelligent machines to their implementation in intelligent manufacturing. All this is based on data that provides valuable information. With our measuring systems, the data from the production lines can be checked and reported to the machine control system.

Our Solutions

TST - TriScan Tire

360° Measurementsystem for Tires and Rims

The TST is the international standard system for checking finished tires and rims. It is designed for 3D tread analysis, tread measurements and the Recording of a 2D cross-section profile with dimensions of distance, thickness, angles and radii for passenger cars and truck tires.

TCS - Tire Cross Scan

Tire cross-section measuring system / non-destructive

The TCS is the perfect combination to measure tread pattern and interior geometry at the same time. It allows the measurement of the wall thickness of the tread and the sidewalls. The measurement is made in real time with the help of several line sensors. It generates a 2D cross-section without damaging the tire.

SMS - Smart Scan

2D Mobile Profile-Measurement-System

The SmS offers an innovative solution to measure tires, rims, cracks and any surface geometries using a smartphone. It is not only small and practical but also fast and very accurate.