Precision Dual Profiler

Precision Dual Profiler

Traversable 3D tire tread scanner

With the PDP, it is possible to determine and document the tread depths of tires in a very short time. Due to our 3D measuring method, both summer and winter tires can be measured equally reliably. 



Fields of application

  • Cyclic tire inspection for shipping and bus companies,  and vehicle fleets
  • Incoming inspections for trucks in border traffic
  • Tread wear measurements in endurance tests for tire manufacturers, test tracks and institutes
  • Integration at brake test stands

Data management

  • Measurement, documentation & logging
  • Storage and export of recorded measurement data
  • Easy connection to existing database systems
  • Self-explanatory protocol with tire tread depth and geometries for fast processing
  • Shows tire tread depths and uneven tread wear
  • Reports are customizable
  • Automatic printout and measurement report for the customer 
  • Scan width: 2 x 700 mm
  • Scan time: 10 sec
  • Measuring range height: 80 mm
  • Resolution: 0,085 mm
  • Tire diameter: > 200 mm
  • Laser class: 2M, 670nm, red laser
  • Dimensions, one side: 150 mm x 800 mm x 120 mm