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The demands on materials are increasing. In addition to estimated lifetime- and strength testing of components and materials, mileage tests and profile measurements are increasingly being outsourced to testing laboratories (service providers). We have developed measuring systems especially for these service providers, with which comprehensive measurement results can be achieved. These can be visually prepared individually for the customer.

Our Solutions

SMS - Smart Scan

2D Mobile Profile Measurement System

The SmS offers an innovative solution to measure almost any surface geometry using the integrated smartphone. The SmS is characterized by its low weight and compact dimensions. The profile geometry to be measured is quickly and easily recorded by the line laser.

HDP - High Definition Profiler

3D Mobile Profile Measurementsystem

With the HDP, GL Messtechnik GmbH offers a solution for workshops, freight forwarders, bus companies and vehicle fleets to measure tire tread depth of the vehicles in a simplified manner. Due to its flat design, the HDP fits under any car or truck.

TST - TriScan Tire

360° Measurementsystem for Tires and Rims

The TST is the international standard system for checking finished tires and rims. It is designed for 3D tread analysis, tread measurements and the Recording of a 2D cross-section profile with dimensions of distance, thickness, angles and radii for passenger cars and truck tires.

CTS - Car Tire Scan

360° Tire Profile Measurement System on a Vehicle

The CTS system offers a fast measuring technique for 2 mounted tires on the vehicle. The complete system is designed as a roller test bench with laser-light-intersection-sensors which can be driven over with the vehicle for measurement.

TCS - Tire Cross Scan

Tire cross-section measuring system / non-destructive

The TCS is the perfect combination to measure tread pattern and interior geometry at the same time. It allows the measurement of the wall thickness of the tread and the sidewalls. The measurement is made in real time with the help of several line sensors. It generates a 2D cross-section without damaging the tire.