High Definition Profiler

HDP - High Definition Profiler

3D Mobile Profile Measurementsystem

With the HDP, GL Inspect GmbH offers a solution for workshops, freight forwarders, bus companies and vehicle fleets to measure tire tread depth of the vehicles in a simplified manner. Due to its flat design, the HDP fits under any car or truck. To determine the profile depth, the measuring system is placed under the vehicle to record a 3D profile strip of 100 mm width of the vehicle tire. The measurement takes place in a few seconds and the subsequent evaluation of the measurement data takes place automatically in the background using various measurement sectors. The shoulder areas are separated evaluated from the TWI area of the tire. Thus further evaluation possibilities can be made available, e.g. a possibly one-sided abrasion of the tire profile, or a faulty air pressure. As a further option, it is possible to generate an overview report of the measurement data obtained. Additional information such as vehicle data, customer number or an order number can be added.

  • Max. measuring width: 365mm/ 600mm
  • Laser class: 2M, 670mm red laser
  • System resolution: 0,14mm (width direction); 0,01mm (thickness direction)
  • Max. tread depth: 20mm
  • Measuring length: 80mm (in circumferential direction)
  • Format of data output: XML/ JPG
  • Profile Scanner
  • retaining bracket
  • suitcases